Friday, January 25, 2008

Hel-lo, Zaccaro's!

Originally published in D-Tales here.

To those of you who question where one can grocery shop in the D, you're about to get your answer (and it's no longer simply "University Foods")--Zaccaro's Market.

Zaccaro's Market is set to open at the end of March, and will be occupying some 7,000 sq. ft. of the Crystal Lofts on Woodward Avenue in Brush Park. Owner Cindy Warner promises that Zaccaro's will bring with it a level of quality to a grocery story the city of Detroit has yet to see.

Among the many tempting offerings, Zaccaro's will feature a full deli with over 70 imported deli meats and 100 imported cheeses (look for me at the cheese counter every other Friday--payday, ya'know); a full wine room with selections priced from $5.00 to several hundred, AND with an on-site sommelier to assist you with wine and food pairings; fresh and prepared meats such as chicken, veal, beef, and pork will be offered, and many of them will be organic and/or grass-fed; the fresh seafood selection will include trout, walleye, salmon, oysters and mussels; the bakery will offer rustic and pan breads as well as sweets; there will be full produce, dairy, and frozen foods sections; and there will also be a full kitchen in the center of the store where cooking classes and demonstrations will take center stage.

A blogger on Metroblogging made a comment to the effect of, "It's about time someone realized that when you pay $300,000 to live in a loft downtown, you really don't want to do all of your grocery shopping in a place where there is bullet-proof plated glass between you and the cashier, all of your items must be rung through a turnstyle glass-enclosed countertop, and there's a vagrant outside asking you for some of what you just bought." I couldn't agree more, and couldn't have said it better myself. I am very much looking forward to the opening of Zaccaro's (100 imported cheeses??? 100????), and must finally begin to concede to what many others are already saying--it looks like Midtown is indeed the place to be.