Thursday, February 7, 2008

Detroit Synergy Supper Club at Enoteca

Originally published in D-Tales here.

This just in (and is the second of a 3-part installment I will refer to simply as "I <3 Enoteca"):


February Supper Club at the New Enoteca Campo Marzio!

DETROIT, February 7, 2008–Detroit Synergy is very excited to announce the latest Supper Club outing at Enoteca Campo Marzio, inside the First National Building overlooking Campus Martius!On Wednesday, February 20, from 6:00-8:00PM, join Detroit Synergy as we wine and dine at Detroit’s newest (and only) bonafide wine bar. For only $20.00 per person, enjoy a wide selection of meats, cheeses, bruschetta, and a truffle of your choice. For an additional $10.00, you can also enjoy a specialty wine flight!

Night manager Stacey comments, “We’re still the new kid on the block, but we’re doing all we can boost our visibility. Between our wine tastings over Winter Blast Weekend and the Supper Club on the 20th, February is going to be great for us. We’re so excited that Detroit Synergy wanted to host this event here!” Specially for Detroit Synergy Group, Enoteca has arranged a wonderful tasting menu of their various offerings. Each Supper Club participant will receive generous tastes of all the following:

Hand-Cut Artisinal Cheeses:
~Gorgonzola (crumbly, veined, strong)
~Grafton Cheddar (hard)
~Ricotta Salata (firm, milky)
~Provolone (firm, sharp, strong)
~Double Gloucester (hard, sweet)

Imported Meats:
~Salami Casalingo (pork)
~Mortadella (pork)Bruschetteria:
~Fresh tomatoes, minced garlic and fresh basil leaves
~Goat cheese topped with roasted pepper

Choice of Truffle & Caramelized Fruit

This is an excellent sampling of what Enoteca is all about, with a variety of flavors and textures to suit any palette. With the additional selected wine flight, this makes for a fine evening of Italian-style living. Enoteca is a brand-new wine bar in Detroit, newly opened at the end of 2007. The space is very cozy, with marble floors, oak furniture and trim, and antique crystal chandeliers adorning the airy, window-lined space. From the street, patrons can peer inside to see the wide selection of artisanal cheeses and imported meats, as well as the temperature-controlled wine cellar. Inside, watch as the chef hand-prepares each dish made-to-order—from crispy paninis oozing with melted mozzarella to hand-cut cheese flights and a wide assortment of Bruschetteria. Enoteca also offers chocolate flights from Grosse Pointe-based Rabbit Lane Chocolates, made in the old European tradition of hand-rolling almost-liquid ganache in a thin coating of pure chocolate.

For February’s Supper Club, it seemed only appropriate to ask an establishment with a certain amount of amore-appeal to host. Enoteca is the perfect place for a first date, or a next date, or a night out after several years, or for an outing with friends. The warm, Euro-style atmosphere and the decadent culinary delights are enough to set the senses atingle. And the wine? Mon Dieu. Fantastic selections from around the world, grouped in a wide selection of reasonably-priced wine flights (choose by region or style); also available by the glass or well-priced bottle.

So join us on February 20 for a fantastic evening of nibbling, sipping, and mingling, and celebrate Detroit’s newest addition to culinary culture!

Detroit Synergy is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization. Its mission is to generate positive perceptions and opinions about Detroit by bringing together a diverse community and building upon the City's strengths and resources to realize a common vision for a greater Detroit. Please visit for more information about the group.