Saturday, April 26, 2008

Amicci's Pizza in Detroit

Originally published in D-Tales here.

In a previous post, I noted my lack of certainty regarding the existence of the Detroit location of Amicci's Pizza.

At about 1:50AM, after trying desperately to call both Jet's and Happy's for some late-night delivery (they say they're open until 2:00 but they LIEEEEEEEEE), I was able to find the phone number for Amicci's in my almost-passed-out friend's phone. The line rang once...twice...and like the true spirit of hope come down from above to comfort me, a voice on the other end was suddenly saying, "Amicci's Pizza, will this be pick-up or delivery?"

My confusion in said previous post came from the fact that I was searching for "Amici's Pizza" in Detroit, not "Amicci's Pizza" (two "c's", not one, and not affiliated with the gourmet pizzeria in Berkley--spelled with one "c").

Within 20 minutes I had a beautiful large round pepperoni pizza in my hands--the pepperoni was the classic standard crispy variety (not overly spicy, but the exact flavor you think of when you think of pepperoni). Perfect proportion of gooey mozzarella cheese. Crust was soft with a distinct buttery flavor, though not greasy at all. Oh, and I could eat the hell out of that mozzarella bread (and I did, too).

So let it be known: my favorite Detroit pizza is Amicci's, at 3849 Vernor west of Grand Blvd. (313-842-7373), and my reasons are twofold: first, they have the best-tasting pizza, and I'm not just saying that because it was after 2:00AM and the $5.00 Long Islands were going down pretty smoothly at the Harbor House all night. Second, because they stay open late and deliver fast, and that to me puts them far ahead of all competitors, even if they're pizza wasn't already the best.

Without Amicci's, I would have ended up at White Castle. Thank you, Amicci's. Thank you.