Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Crepes Have It!

Originally published in D-Tales here.


So there's a crepe stand which will be called Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes that will be opening on...June somethingth (the weekend of the 13th seems to be the approximate timeslot).

Um. 'k.

So yeah, so apparently the hours will be Monday-Thursday 7:00AM-7:00PM, Friday-Saturday 7:00AM-2:00AM (as in the next day...don't try to do the math, it will confuse you), and Sunday 7:00AM-4:00PM. They will also be serving Canticle Coffee, a fair trade 100% organic coffee, for $1.00 (suck it, Starbucks).

This new little stand, which is actually a teeny-tiny room inside the Oslo building with a service window to the outside, will feature 15 signature crepes with a selection of toppings to build-your-own, and all produce/ingredients will come from Eastern Market vendors and R. J. Hirt.

They had a "practice run" this weekend which was least buzzworthy-wise. Doesn't really sound like anyone talking about it actually ate there, but people are pumped.

Okay, so my details are still a little fuzzy but...HELLS YES TO THE NEW CREPERIE IN TOWN!!!!

(Which I know will be so much better than Josephine's in Ferndale, which I only dislike due to a personal vendetta of a friend of mine whom I have chosen to support in said vendetta.)

I wonder if now people will understand the crepe-pan-seasoning joke from Frasier that I occasionally like to reference...

*Sigh* probably not...