Sunday, August 9, 2009

Metromode: From Soul Food to Slow Food--Michigan Slows Down

Featured this week on Metromode (by yours truly):

"As the auto industry crumbles around us, Michigan is slowing down…for the better.

'What many don't realize is that the state is at the forefront of an international phenomenon: the Slow Food Movement, which owes its existence in no small part to Michigan's status as one of the largest agricultural regions in the country.

'Agriculture is our second-largest industry, with an annual economic impact of $63.7 billion (and growing). The Michigan Department of Agriculture estimates that if every household spent just $10 per week on locally grown foods, we would keep more than $37 million each week circulating within Michigan's economy..."

(Read the rest here. Thanks to Jeff Meyers for being patient with my panicky phone calls as I realized that I perhaps bit off more than I could chew!)