Monday, September 14, 2009

Steaks and Strippers: Detroit's Meat Market

It's been a long battle, but my strippers have finally found a home on Metromix!

"Detroit is a city known for its meat. As the city in which "zip sauce" was born, Detroit has long been considered a top Midwestern destination for steak connoisseurs (thanks to such world-renowned restaurants as the London Chop House).

'Yes, Detroit is a great place to go for a fine cut of beef. But that not's the only kind of meat Detroit has become infamous for...

'With 31 clubs operational within city limits, Detroit is also a premiere destination for adult entertainment. Sure, it's a whole different kind of meat, but it's flesh for sale all the same.

'Many of the finer skinstitutes proudly tout their top-rate eats, announcing their cutting-edge cuisine made by top-tier chefs. As an ever-curious gastronome, I thought to myself, 'What better way to test Detroit's superior steakhouse reputation than at the very places that make meat their trade?'

'And so it was that I ended up at the Penthouse Club..."

[Read the rest of the story here.]