Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Soup For You, Two Hours! Rude Food on Metromode

Long gone are the days of uppity French restaurants that treat their customers as if they should feel privileged for being permitted the honor of eating. As the worldwide hospitality industry has come to understand that the surest way to success is through quality customer service, pompous behavior has mostly become widely unacceptable. Even in the City of Light, the snooty shtick has almost disappeared entirely. Restaurants that have a reputation for rudeness are often more popular for their patented ostentatiousness than for their food; those with delicacies worth social indignity are increasingly rare.

We've all had experiences at popular restaurants that have left a bad taste in our mouths, and for some we wave those experiences like badges of honor, a show of just how dedicated we are to good food.

"I once waited almost three hours for a table at Slows," a friend told me while we were discussing our favorite Detroit diners.

When I squawked at her proud admission and asked, "But WHY?!?", she gushed, "Because it's sooooooo good."

Read the rest of this article, written by yours truly, on metro Detroit's rude food here.