Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Cocktail Concoctions

Oh, the things I do for you. Trudging from bar to bar in a desperate search for metro Detroit's most scrumptious sippables in the swankiest lounges...this, THIS is commitment, people. Anything you've heard from ex-boyfriends about me being a commitment-phobe is lies, dirty dirty lies.

'Tis the season for tasty treats, and I've got 'em all for you right here:

Ah, the holidays. Jack Frost nipping at your nose and shorting out your car battery. Long lines full of angry people willing to trample each other just to get their hands on the [insert name of latest popular and limited-quantity children’s toy]. And let’s not forget, more concentrated family time over one month than the whole entire remainder of the year combined.

It’s no wonder so many people view the holidays as an opportune time to get their drink on.

Luckily, there are scores of trendy places all over metro Detroit just waiting to help you through your holiday “Cheers!” Some are even offering clever Christmas cocktail concoctions specifically in the spirit of the season. So when you feel yourself getting a case of the holiday hum-drums, head to your nearest upscale watering hole and remember: Christmas comes but once a year!

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