Thursday, January 28, 2010

Best of Metromix Detroit

One of my many (MANY) writing outlets has just released a Best Of 2009 compilation of restaurants, bars, and our favorite food stuffs. View the complete Best of Metromix Detroit here; otherwise, here is a rundown of the most important stuff (says me):

Best Local Brewery: Dragonmead Microbrewery
Best Sports Bar: Hockeytown Cafe
Best Coney Island: Lafayette Coney Island
Best Sushi Restaurant: Little Tree Sushi Bar
Best Restaurant: Slows BarBQ
Best Pizza: Buddy's Rendezvous Pizzeria
Best Burger: Red Coat Tavern
Best Brunch: Beverly Hills Grill
Best Bar: Bookies Bar & Grille
Best Irish Bar: Old Shillelagh Pub
Best Date Restaurant: La Dolce Vita
Best Dessert: Astoria Pastry Shop
Best Hangout: Goodnite Gracie
Best Wine Bar: Vinotecca (Enoteca was also nominated! <3 <3 <3)

And I happen to know (because I know such things) that this particular poll is a wholly honest and accurate reflection of the votes received by viewers...which isn't to say that not all Best Of "polls" you see are wholly honest and accurate reflections of the votes received by viewers...but merely just to imply so. That being said, I think Lafayette Coney Island, Slows BarBQ, Astoria, and the Old Shillelagh should each be issued a lifetime achievement award and be forced out of the running for all future "Best Of" lists in this and every other local publication. But maybe I'm just too much of a critic.