Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nothing Says Love Like Vodka: Valentine Vodka

I think that title pretty much speaks for itself?

"The day of lovers fast approaches, and once again the decision must be made: chocolates or flowers?

'Let’s face it -- the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts have become a bit passé. And while no female of sound mind would ever reject such presents (1-800-FLOWERS has a fine delivery service and one can just simply never go wrong with Godiva), secretly we desire something a little more…unique. Come on, boys, show us that you actually put some thought into it!

'This Valentine’s Day, go ahead and give the chocolate…so long as it is attached to a bottle of locally-produced vodka.

'Valentine Vodka, which launched in March 2009, is offering a special Valentine’s Day promotional package that includes their elegant 750mL bottle paired with an individually-wrapped, heart-shaped artisan chocolate made by Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate for only $29.99, available most places Valentine Vodka is sold. The chocolate is filled with raspberry caramel, specially made to complement the flavor of Valentine Vodka..."

Read the rest of the article from Metromix here.