Thursday, July 22, 2010

Real Detroit Weekly: Sherwood Brewing Company

"Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of Shelby Township, lived a captivating couple — Sir Ray and Lady Lisa. Sir Ray was a wizard; his spellbinding potions were called "beer" by the populace. And Lady Lisa possessed a beguiling charm and warmth that all the good people in the kingdom adored. Then, a long, long time ago (but not too long — four years on August 31, to be exact), Sir Ray and Lady Lisa decided to combine their considerable powers in a lovely and enchanting place called "Sherwood," and thus, Sherwood Brewing Company was born.

'Ray had already been brewing for several years and saw brewpubs were scarce in this particular corner of Macomb County. He makes beers that are just one parameter off from the "standard styles," specialty brews that would be considered Frankensteins by "proper beer authorities," but beers his customers love nonetheless — a wheat IPA, a hopped amber. You like hops? So does Ray. The Green River Wheat IPA, on tap now, is a holy hopmonster. Coming soon is the dry-hopped Asylum Amber, as well as the Daily Grind Kona Porter, Entire Buzz Honey Porter and Mistress Jade's Hemp Ale. Their Buxom BlonDDe Ale is one of their most popular beers, on tap year-round and light enough in both color and body to appeal to the quantity-over-quality types of beer consumers, but with enough depth to also appeal to the aficionados as a stellar golden ale..."

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