Friday, July 1, 2011

[Real Detroit Weekly] The Emerald Theatre

(Photo by Nicole Rupersburg)

"Different bars all have their own unique music vibe. If you want indie prog-rock, you go to the Majestic. If you want techno, you go to Bleu, Oslo or the Works. But if you want ROCK – we're talking true Eastside, devil horn-flashing, head-banging, mosh-pitting, "SLAYER!!!"-screaming ROCK – you go to the Emerald Theatre.

'The Emerald is a live concert venue and nightclub that's been offering the best live entertainment in Macomb County for 10 years now. On Fridays they host "Orion," a top 40 club night with DJ Paul Martindale where they've got a LED wall with changing patterns and videos on display and a variety of eccentric performers every week – think fire dancers and fire eaters. Wednesdays in their Rock Room are Whip Cream Wednesdays, an 18+ top 40 club night with go-go dancers, whip cream drink specials and body shots.

'But let's get back to the ROCK.."

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