Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Honi Honi. Photo from Curbed Detroit.

...which is to say nothing of the magic leprechaun juju of Ferndale, where a rainbow always shines. Imperial is open and everyone lurrrrrrrvs it. [Freep]

...which is to say nothing of how much MORE everyone lurrrrrrrrrvs Vinsetta Garage. Since the minute they opened they've been on a 90+ minute wait list - it's the new Slows! (In that people-are-willing-to-wait-a-ridiculous-amount-of-time-for-a-damn-burger sort of way. But apparently a "really fucking good" burger.) [Real Detroit Weekly]

It's tiki time! Honi Honi - the Oakland's new outdoor tiki bar - opens, and it makes us feel so good ... so fine ... and we feel all right saying yeah, yeah! yeah, yeah! yeah, yeah! [Thrillist Detroit; Curbed Detroit]

...and to ring it in good and proper, Eat It Detroit celebrated our first birthday there! And because there seems to be a little bit of confusion here, IT'S CAKE. WHAT IS SMEARED ALL OVER THE BABY IN THE PHOTO IS FROSTING AND CAKE. [EID FB]

If a steakhouse opens in Birmingham and no one is around to see it, does it make a sound? After more than a three-year delay, Hyde Park Prime opens and no one cares. [D Business]

Great Lakes Coffee's new Midtown coffee shop and wine bar let Curbed in for a sneak peek and it is grrrrrrrrrrr-eat! Reclaimed wood! Natural light! Exposed brick! Massive patio! Basically it's every coffee shop in California, except for that DETROIT!!! (And also California coffee shops lack the real estate to pull of that kind of patio. DETROIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) [Curbed Detroit]

Jolly Pumpkin's extremely limited De Viento is tapped around town, but don't get too excited because it's gross. But, hey, charity and whatnot. You win some, you lose some. [EID FB]

MLive names "Michigan's Best BBQ." Predictably, there is disagreement. Perhaps somewhat unpredictably depending on who you ask, it isn't Slows. [MLive]

Ferndale is getting a frozen yogurt shop with a super-adorb name. Easy Like Sundae is taking the "support Michigan, buy our product" angle, which the natives will surely eat up. [EID FB]