Monday, September 17, 2012

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Mead is manly.
Food + Wine is already keen on the "stunning" Great Lakes Coffee bar in Midtown for their "fantastic list of obscure natural wines." Which is extra-impressive considering the bar was probably only open for all of a month by the time of this issue's print deadline ... does that mean F+W editors are trolling Detroit? Hmmmm... [Food + Wine / EID FB]

Imperial launched a brand-new brunch this weekend and I happened to stumble in. It's no beauty queen but the biscuits and gravy (made with chorizo gravy and topped with fried egg) are THE BOMB. Brunch goes into full effect next Sunday. [EID FB]

Seriously though, F+W is all up in Michigan's business it seems (and now everyone is writing about hard ciders). Batali-certified Tandem Ciders gets some F+W ink. [Food + Wine]

Grilled cheese sandwich ice cream exists now. [Treat Dreams FB]

Baconfest returns for 2013! VIP tickets go on sale in December. You have been amply warned. [Baconfest Michigan FB]

Cherries and Grapes is a new online store that ships Michigan-made wines, ciders and specialty products right to your home. This is a great way to get ahold of products from smaller producers that don't distribute far outside their tasting room (if at all). [Promote Michigan]

This was a spectacularly boring news week. Here is a picture of a tatted-up Russian in an American flag tank top. Also, vote for Rock City Pies in Hatch Detroit on the website and Facebook page; round one voting ends tomorrow at 6 p.m.! [EID FB / Hatch]

Pop-ups, pop-ups, pop-ups. It's like everyone's afraid of commitment nowadays. [EID FB / Curbed]

Bell's Brewery's commemorative "Batch" series was supposed to end at 10,000, but wait just kidding, now they're doing Batch 11,000 and calling it the Spinal Tap-inspired "This One Goes to 11." "This One Goes to 11 Ale 'finishes with a lingering warmth.'" That means there's a f-ck-ton of alcohol in it. (11% ABV, to be exact.) [MLive]

Here's a story about an old-fashioned candy shop in that other part of Detroit. You know, the part the hipsters haven't colonized yet. You know, the other 127 square miles. [Metro Times]

Apparently mead is manly. B. Nektar's Wildflower mead is named the "draft pick" for the Detroit Lions. PS, it's only available by the bottle. [Esquire]

This is just adorable. Macomb's got the me-too's! [Macomb Patch]

The D in LV. It is of course seedy, as one should expect a Detroit-ish-themed property in Las Vegas to be. [Curbed Detroit]

Seriously though, would you please just fucking vote? [HuffPo Detroit]