Saturday, February 16, 2013

[Real Detroit Weekly] El Charro

Photo by Nicole Rupersburg.
We all love those puffy tacos at El Charro. (How could we not? They're PUFFY!) But El Charro is so much more than just your comfortable neighborhood Mexican restaurant. It's a bar too. With booze. Lots of booze.

El Charro, which now has four locations throughout metro Detroit, has been a staple over on the east side in Fraser for over 30 years. It's simply a comfortable spot to just grab some tacos and margaritas with your friends or family. (It's very much a family-friendly joint, though the bar area is separate from the dining rooms and on busy nights you're less likely to run into small, loud humans over where all the booze lives. What we're saying is if you don't like kids, sit in the bar section.)

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