Monday, September 2, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

~Detroit Restaurant Week has announced the lineup for the fall edition happening next month; new this year is a DRW series of the popular pop-up Guns + Butter being held at Shinola Store Detroit, but the reservations won't come easy. [EID / Crain's]
~No reservations? (And I'm not talking about the Bourdain show here, but he was indeed at Guns + Butter once IN CASE YOU FORGOT.) The first-ever #DineDrinkDetroit will happen October 7-13, featuring a combination of food and drink at 13 independently-owned Detroit restaurants for only $15, no reservations needed. It's kind of the un-DRW. [EID]

Dilla's Delights doughnut and coffee shop will open in Harmonie Park this fall in honor of the late Detroit producer J Dilla. There is a rap crossover joke in here. Also one about rappers making money long after death. Did 2Pac like tacos? I would really like to see 2 Pacos Tacos also happen. [Detroit News]

Dally in the Alley is happening next weekend. [Dally FB]

Check out the Batata Shop at Germack Coffee during Eastern Market Tuesdays through October. [TBS FB]

Kate Daughdrill - artist and farmer who was one of the founders of Detroit SOUP and more recently of The Edible Hut in Detroit's Osborn neighborhood - is also behind Burnside Farm in "Banglatown," a place where art and agriculture intersect. [UIX]

The new Firebird Tavern is a gorgeous space with good high-quality bar food (check out the menu and the dill pickle wings) and very friendly staff. Located right in Greektown by Old Shillelagh, perfect for pre-/post-gaming. From the former owners of Pulse. [EID FB / DBusiness]

Zagat has once again named their "50 states, 50 sandwiches," choosing the pasty for Michigan. Now, Detroiters might instinctively think it should be corned beef, what with because of ALL of the corned beef, but that's more of a (metro)*Detroit* thing. For the state of Michigan as a whole, the pasty (which is so much more than just a sandwich - it is a full meal in a beautiful buttery crust easy to carry and eat and brilliant in its simplicity) makes more sense. Though it is perhaps more closely related to the pie than the sandwich. Maybe it is a sandwich pie? [Zagat]

Food + Wine names the coolest crowd-funded projects in the country. Among them is our own Drought. Check them out at Shinola Store Detroit! [F+W]

Tommy's Bar is another local bar that served as a blind pig during Prohibition (with archeological evidence to prove it). [Detroit News]

Get punchy at The Oakland or The Sugar House, or do it yourself at home with these recipes. [Detroit News]

Luxe Secondsies. (Now open in GP.) [Detroit News]

Is our collective self-esteem really so low that we need constant validation from poorly-written copy+paste "travel blogs"? Because here is another one. [Roam Right]

~Check out the new website for Detroit Beer Week; events and venue details coming soon! [DBW]

~MLive is now on the hunt for Michigan's best brewery. This should be interesting. [MLive]

~Batch won Hatch, and another pile of free money. Here's a story that dates back to their first pile of free money. [Real Detroit]

~Warren's Falling Down Beer Company is getting a much-needed facelift and ditching the old Big Boy booths. [FDBC FB]

~A freak accident rocked the craft beer world this week as fellow brewers mourn the loss of Matt Courtright, who got his start in professional brewing at Liberty Street Brewing Co here in Plymouth. [BeerPulse]

~To celebrate their launch in Michigan, The Bruery (i.e., one of my favorite not-Michigan breweries) is running an Instagram contest through Sept. 10. Click on the link for details and try to find some Russian stacking dolls. (Click on the link, it will make sense.) [The Bruery Official]

~Meanwhile in the rest of the world... [Reuters]

~The takeaway here: #putaneggonit [First We Feast]