Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Because "Z"s are Trendier.

Originally published in D-Tales here.

Another month, another nightclub. This time it's inside the Greektown Casino, MGM's and Motor City's bratty (and bankrupt) little brother who screams "But what about meeeeee????"

In true fashion, Greektown Casino is about 8 steps behind the other two. First MGM brought us V (thank you), then Motor City brought us Amnesia (no thank you), and now Greektown brings us Eclipz. With a z.

I haven't been there yet. A friend of mine who NEVER comes downtown was trying to get me out there last Friday to see her musician ex, Tony Lucca, but Lager House and Oslo won that battle. Aside from that, the buzz on this place has been all but nonexistant...I suspect with reason.

Now I'm not saying that it sucks, but...well, let's just say the potential for suckiness is high. It is on orange alert for suck. Outlook not so good on the suck scale. Etc.

Currently they have a limited menu of cheese flights (and so it gets some leniency from me), chocolates, and boutique popcorn. They do plan on expanding their menu. They have a variety of speciality cocktails, including a $15.00 Passion Margarita. Hon, New York this ain't. Better knock a few bucks off that price tag. They do not have a cover charge but their music is all over the map--from acoustic musicians to the crappy DJs from 955's bomb squad to Motown. It is said that their clientele is "a nice mix of young and old." Old people at a nightclub? Pass. A jazz club, sure. Ditto with a dinner club. But a nightclub trying to be "hip" and attract a youthful, trendy clientele? Until they pick an image and promote it, this "come one come all" approach is going to do about as well as...well, as a bunch of other shit that has failed in Detroit has done.

I need to check it out before I form a proper opinion, but right now it sounds to me (and my background in marketing, promotions, branding and imaging) like it's way too all-over-the-map for its own good. It's fine to want/try to attract a diverse clientele and cater to a variety of different interests...but take that too far and you'll ultimately end up driving everyone away.

There will be theme nights--Monday is Service Industry Night with $2.00 drinks; Wednesday is singles nights utilizing a colored bead system signifying whether one is single, taken, or looking; Thursday is $10.00 hookah and free tea night. On Friday, November 21st they will be holding a "pajama party"--come in PJs or lingerie.

Yeah. I know. Not terribly inspired.

The d├ęcor is supposed to be rather impressive--60-foot glass ceilings (yep, just like Amnesia) with a glass global sculpture hanging from above, bold jewel-tone colors throughout, and a dramatic elliptical glossy wood bar with a granite surface and chrome accents comprise the interior design. Admittedly, it sounds pretty.

Suffice it to say that overall I'm skeptical, but intrigued. Terrible name, though. Absolutely terrible.