Wednesday, February 11, 2009

20% Liquidation Sale at Zaccaro's

After receiving word that Zaccaro's was closing, I decided to swing by there yesterday to see what sort of going-out-of-business sales I could snag. First of all, the place was packed--news of the sale had apparently spread quickly. EVERYTHING store-wide is being sold at 20% off...which pretty much makes the pricing on-par with a more savings-oriented grocery store, though a $6.00 chocolate bar is still a $5.00 chocolate bar after the discount (but where else can you buy organic Chilean chocolate?). Wine, cheese, their whole assortment of unique dining's all got to go, and you have until the 19th.

When I was there the cheese was already almost gone (don't worry! I still got plenty! NOW it's gone.) and the wine selections were pretty overpicked...there was a Priorat and a Port I just couldn't justify the money on, even at 20% off, but there were few left. They're out of produce, the lunch counter has sold through most of their fixin's, and the pastries won't last long, but non-perishables and bottled liquids (organic juice, hand-crafted beer, real cane sugar soda) are still aplenty and are high-end at low-end prices. Stop by for your chance to take advantage of one of the good things that happened to Detroit that just wasn't meant to last. Robert Frost may have been right when he said "Nothing gold can stay;" still, I wish it could have made it just a little longer.