Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two More Victims of Hard Times: MCB and Zaccaro's

The trendy (and, alas, pricey and poorly managed) Mercury Coffee Bar has closed its doors temporarily to "retool." I've been hearing tales of their woes pretty much since they opened, so this comes as no tremendous surprise, but it is still unfortunate. Let's hope the second time's the charm, since there's nowhere else in the city or suburbs where we can get genuine slow coffee.

The equally trendy and pricey Zaccaro's Market will also be closing due to "slow sales." This gourmet grocer, the Big Buzz of Spring '08, had all the right ideas in place including top-notch wines, cheeses, pastries, and coffees, a full line of organic food items, as well as a cafe with free Wi-Fi for mingling, working, and noshing. I had really hoped this one would be a success, but in this place at this time...well, as much as people might have been excited that a gourmet grocer had opened in the city, no one had the money to shop there. In time, I hope Cindy Warner or someone with her same ambitions and goals takes up the slack and tries again as I do think in a better economy there is a market here for such a place, but for right now we all must weather the storm with Meijer-brand. Best of luck to you Cindy, and thanks for trying.