Monday, April 20, 2009

Brunch at Park Bar!

Oh, but I do love a good brunch! Currently in the works are plans for Detroit's Park Bar, in conjuction with the restaurant Bucharest Grill located inside the bar, to be open early for lunch, as well as a Sunday brunch with all the fixin's! A full brunch menu--think omelets and French toast, mmmm--as well as brunch-friendly beverages like Bloody Marys and bottomless mimosas will soon be available Sundays at Park Bar. And if you haven't tried the food at Bucharest Grill yet, just know that it is just as flavorful and tasty sober as it is after a drinking binge, and this bodes well for the forthcoming brunch.

Sundays in Detroit just keep getting better! Viva la brunch revoluciĆ³n!