Monday, May 24, 2010

Metromode: Hungry for Success

You MUST MUST MUST click on the link below and check out Marvin Shaouni's photographs!

"September 2005, Detroit: Slows Bar BQ opens its discreet wooden doors. Detroit hasn't been the same since.

'There are few other restaurants in the metro Detroit area that have received as much national attention and acclaim as Slows. When Phillip Cooley opened this barbecue joint with his partners he was still in his late twenties. There was no way he could have anticipated the enormous success he would have with this casual concept restaurant.

''We really appeal to a broad demographic,' Cooley says of his restaurant's unprecedented success. 'We picked barbecue because everyone likes it, it's an American tradition, and it's one of the culinary art forms that's affordable.'

'Cooley heralded a new breed of restaurateur in Metro Detroit. They're young, attractive, smart, and savvy; they love food and know what it takes to run a successful business. As a result, their restaurants are hugely popular…but don't ever think it's easy...."

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