Thursday, August 26, 2010

Real Detroit Weekly: Bar None

"It all started with Tom Nevells' great-grandfather and a little place called Mitch's on Cass Lake, which was THE place to be in the '70s. Since then, this Greek-American family has gone on to become a mini-restaurateur empire. It's a family business and still retains that independent family vibe, but with eight currently operating restaurants, this multi-generation family enterprise is anything but small.

'Bar None in Brighton is the most recent development for a family that became famous for their Greek salads and ribs. The building was a satellite of their signature brand E.G. Nick's, a popular rib joint with locations in Lapeer and Plymouth. After many successful years of the same formula the place was getting a little tired. In January, they closed E.G. Nick's, deciding to inject some new blood into the old boy. Reopening in May as Bar None, the Nevells have introduced a new kind of dining to this off-the-beaten-path stretch of Brighton..."

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