Thursday, November 25, 2010

Real Detroit Weekly: Six-Drink Slam @ Oslo

If Kat Lemos ever decided to quit the restaurant/bar/nightclub industry, she could easily be a stand-up comic (and that's not just the six drinks talking). When she wasn't scrutinizing every last detail of the cocktails she was crafting for Oslo's version of the 6-Drink Slam, she was bringing tears to our eyes with impersonations of her Thai-born mom (and business partner) and jokes that some readers might find inappropriate. Well ... probably not YOU.

Drink 1: The Narviktini

One of their many signature cocktails, this has Fuki plum wine, sake and fresh squeezed lime. It is light, refreshing, thirst quenching and almost got knocked over when I lunged for the next drink.

Drink 2: Kevin Love Japan

Nicole love Kevin Love Japan. Named after Kevin Reynolds, a Detroit DJ who has worked with Kat since Oslo reopened and who also apparently "love" Japan, this boozy brilliance has Jameson, Fuki plum wine, fresh squeezed lime and is topped with Sprite. Smooooth. Or, as one of my drinking partners noted, "It's gentle but it will knock you on your ass!" To which I replied, "Like a sweet-talkin' man!" And how ...

Drink 3: Pineapple In Yo Face Cake

She drinks a whiskey drink, she drinks a vodka drink ... next up, the Pineapple In Yo Face Cake made with muddled pineapple and cherries, Stoli Vanil, Stoli Citros, a splash of Malibu coconut rum, simple syrup and pineapple juice. Might as well have called it "All Over My Face Cake." At this point I'm starting to get a little warm. I'm starting to laugh a little harder; a little louder. I may even have a mild case of the "I love you man"s.

Drink 4: Raspberry Flirt

DAMN these bitches is strong. "They're potent but balanced," Kat says. And it's true. These expertly made cocktails are as smooth as sugar-flavored silk and go down just as easy. You think you're fine until you stand up and are swaying in place wondering why the rest of the room is moving while telling the server how much you appreciate the great job he's doing. (Thanks again, Brian!)

The Raspberry Flirt may have been my tipping point. It's an Asian-style flirtini made with Moonstone raspberry sake, muddled raspberries, Chambord and topped with Zipang sparkling sake, a touch of simple syrup and a splash of sour mix. The Zipang has a slight carbonation, so the drink is sweet on the tongue with a dry finish.

Drink 5: The Pama Sutra

This is a derivative of flavored cosmos and Stoli drinks. Kat spun it a bit, using Stoli White Pomegranik, PAMA liqueur, a splash of cranberry, Cointreau and a splash of sour mix and lime. Made me want to stand on my head but I'm not sure how much of that was "Sutra" and how much was just vodka.

Drink 6: The Roy

Last up — sad face — was the Roy, the drink that Kat takes to bartending competitions which was originally called the "Ecstasy" and was made for a stripper. Crown Royal, peach Schnapps, Amaretto, cranberry, sour mix and fresh-squeezed lemon. Tastes like what a stripper might taste like if strippers were candy.

Kat takes great pride in her creations and is equally proud that Oslo is the only bar where you can get them. (Go ahead and try to order a Kevin Love Japan anywhere else.) She has been bartending for 12 years and is a passionate perfectionist when it comes to cocktails. Go see her and have one of her amazing drinks. It will get you drunk. The end. | RDW

1456 Woodward Ave., Detroit • 313.962.1700

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