Friday, April 22, 2011

944 Detroit: Taking on Tree Town

So yeah, wow, I just figured out how to be able to link to the actual articles on 944 instead of the flipbook. A year later. So I'm going to start posting all these articles from the past year here (except for the first one I did, a nice little piece on al fresco dining, which is the only one without a link). Cool? Cool. Okay. Here 'ya go.

Photograph by Scott Spellman for 944 Detroit.

"Ann Arbor could easily be considered the culinary hub of Southeastern Michigan. The sheer quantity of dining options alone makes for a promising epicurean adventure. High-end provincial French cuisine? Check. After-hours pizzeria serving up big, greasy slices to inebriated college students? Check. Dining establishments boasting a steadfast commitment to sustainable cuisine or vegetarian and vegan-friendly menus? That too. Indian, Middle Eastern, Korean and Mexican foods? Ann Arbor’s got it all. 944 compiled a list of some of Ann Arbor’s best new places to explore (all within walking distance of the Ann Arbor Art Fair)..."

Read the rest of the article here.