Monday, April 18, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly: Oslo

"Previous owners shut down this Detroit staple in '07, much to the dismay of sushi fans and techno freaks all over the metro area who knew this as the place to go. Current owners Kat Lemos and mother Lumpai Rossbach reopened this downtown hotspot and now, after three years, Oslo is once again one of the top venues for techno and hip-hop shows, and also one of our favorite sushi and Thai places.

'Sushi was always been Oslo's claim to fame and with a new sushi chef on board – Josh Taylor, who previously worked at Tom's Oyster Bar in Royal Oak – it will continue to be a strong draw with inventive, unique rolls only found here. Taylor has been here since the beginning of the year and brings to Oslo a fresh, unique take on contemporary sushi along with the passion and enthusiasm for food and drink that Kat looks for in her staff. Try the Tandoori Roll, a baked roll made with cream cheese, salmon, crispy tempura flakes and sweet curry sauce. It's almost as rich as a dessert with a delicately sweet curry scent. Skip the California roll – you can get those at Kroger..."

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