Tuesday, October 14, 2008

German Bierhauses and Hairy Balls

Originally published in D-Tales here, edited for content.

Friday night I convinced Two of My Gays to go to the Dakota Inn Rathskeller with me for their Oktoberfest celebration--good times. There was beer. Bier. And more beer. People were getting pretty friendly, dumping beer from their pitchers into our glasses without regard to the cardinal sin of mixing (I suppose at some point of drunkenness one just stops caring about petty things like that). There was a polka train. And yodeling. And German sing-a-longs. And a polka-esque version of the Blues Brothers' "Gimme Some Lovin'." And busty (but not like porno busty, more like hausfrau busty) waitresses in traditional Bavarian costumes. And a cuckoo clock. And Das Boot. Or as we say in English, "The Boot."

We drank heavy Hefeweizens and laughed at the dancing drunks. It was a freakin' blast. No true Detroit experience is complete without a trip to the historic Dakota Inn Rathskeller, now celebrating its 75th year. They're holding their Oktoberfest celebrations through November 1st; pay the $3.00 and be briefly transported to Rottenburg (which is not rotten at all).