Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spa & Grille?

Originally published in D-Tales here.

No, not "Bar & Grille." Spa and Grille.

The Spa 19 24 Grille (so named as an homage to the first year the original hotel opened) is set to open later this year inside the newly-reopened Book-Cadillac building in 7,000 sq. ft. of prime first-floor retail space, catering to residents of the luxury lofts and guests staying at the Westin alike. Well, and whoever else in the area who can afford spa treatments. Anyone? Bueller? Does anyone have jobs anymore?

So, how exactly does a spasteraunt work anyway? Seaweed wrap and sushi? Steak au Poivre and a pedicure? I mean, I get that they're really just two separate businesses, so why not just name them two separate names? I understand they're both being operated by the same group--Entourage Restaurant Group, with operating partners Wes Wyatt, local restaurateur Bobby Megargle, Jon Grabowski (who I believe owned/operated the old Pit Stop, if memory serves) and Gideon Pfeffer (as in Girl in the D's hubby) why with the cutesy dual-name? It's a bit too precious for my tastes, but then again I just like to call a spa a spa.

The spa portion of Spa 19 24 Grille (called Spa 19) will feature services by Todd Skog of Todd's Room in Birmingham and will offer an exclusive "spa menu" created by the 24 Grille team for guests of the spa to complete their unique rejuvenation experience. 24 Grille will feature American cuisine created by Executive Chef Jason Gardner, and it sounds like it will be more steaks and burgers than osso buco and farm-raised duck. Plus they want to attract *gulp* Tigers fans. And we hate them here. Yes, we do.

I can't get any more info on Entourage Restaurant Group, so I'm not even sure if this is their first venture together (though I suspect it is). I shrug. I also can't seem to find any useful info on Jason Gardner. Maybe I'm just having an off day. Anyone know where he has worked before?

I always like to see new restaurants open. I'm interested to see what the 24 Grille will be like. (But only in the winter.) I could give a flying pig's ass about Spa 19, but hey--aren't spas supposed to be the hallmark of the well-endowed? Like a status symbol for a city or something? (I mean, shit, Birmingham has one every other storefront.) So. Okay. I guess that's cool. Yay Detroit, and whatnot. I'm way more interested in the less-gimmicky Roast, but that's just me.