Thursday, September 16, 2010

Detroit Restaurant Week Menus

I've been like a dog chasing its tail these last two weeks. Or a writer chasing her never-ending deadlines. Admittedly spending four days in Chicago without opening my computer didn't help me at the outset but was totally worth it. I apologize to you, my brothers, for not posting this horrorshow information two days ago.

Sorry, I'm reading A Clockwork Orange right now if you can't viddy that.

The menus for Detroit Restaurant Week are up; peruse thoroughly and make your decisions wisely and QUICKLY; I wasn't kidding you when I told you how urgent, so urgent advance planning is.

All of the menus have a savory fall theme and there is little that is a repeat of what you saw in the spring, so if you had a few favorites don't hesitate to try them again. Michigan's fall flavors provide chefs with some of the finest source materials for the most exceptional creations; really it's my favorite time to eat.

That and also when I'm really hungry.

The plot points: Restaurant Week is September 24 - October 3. $28 prix fixe 3-course menus do not include tax & tip. Reservations can be made via Open Table and are STRONGLY recommended. Even urgently, if you will. There are 18 total participating restaurants, listed below with links to their menus for your convenience.

Andiamo Detroit Riverfront
Atlas Global Bistro
Caucus Club
Coach Insignia
Da Edorado Foxtown Grille
Detroit Seafood Market
Forty-Two Degrees North
Mosaic Restaurant
Opus One
Rattlesnake Club
Roma Cafe
The Whitney
Wolfgang Puck Grille