Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The DRW Hit List

Later this week I will have a short series of menu previews for your last-minute decision-making needs, but in the meantime here is a quick DRW rap sheet for you.

This Thursday head to Mosaic for Drinks & Appetizers with Detroit Restaurant Week, complimentary appetizers and drink specials from 5-8PM, sponsored by our friends at Crains.

Friday Detroit Restaurant Week begins. Madness? This is Detroit; we're all mad here.

This week check out the Metro Times for your official DRW guide. It's that thing you always grab at the bar while waiting for your asshole friend to show up who's always late. Wait, are we friends?

And finally, win a DRW date with Metromix!!! Or at least vote on the winning couple. Perhaps I should have noted this sooner. Have I mentioned how these past few weeks have made me want to quit everything, run into the woods and learn the basics of survival the hard way? That being said, BJ I'm TOTALLY going to do that Happy Hour thing I promised you in June. I'll get to it in October, I SWEAR. Where was I now? Ah yes; the DRW MMX date. Click on this link, read the stories, and vote for whoever you think should win a date for 2 at a DRW restaurant. 5 winners will be chosen and they will be announced tomorrow night.

As for me -- I'll be at the Caucus Club tonight doing my usual research. I'll debrief you all tomorrow.

That sounded dirty.