Monday, June 27, 2011

[HOT LIST] Breakfast

Russell Street Deli (Photo by David Landsel)
Monday morning again. You're at your desk, nibbling on something un-awesome, pretending like you're working. At least you can dream of a real breakfast, right? 

For this installment of the Hot List, our soon to be super-indispensable weekly look at the best food and drink Detroit has to offer, we pick five spots that are really floating our boats right now, breakfast-wise. Don't see your favorite spot on our list? Tell us about it in the comments below -- if we haven't eaten there yet, we'll definitely be considering it for future coverage. 

#1 Russell Street Deli Detroit
Convivial and cozy, up-to-date but unpretentious, this Eastern Market institution just keeps getting better, now serving their famous, farm-to-table Saturday breakfasts during the week. (Don't be surprised if you see members of your friendly Eat It Detroit team in here, eating omelets. Say hey.)

#2 Mae's Pleasant Ridge 
This new-ish rethink of a vintage counter joint (the oldest restaurant in the village) could serve just about anything and it would still be totally awesome-o, particularly on a weekday, when you can sit there, sip on some iced tea and stare out at the traffic on Woodward, going all sorts of places you're not. Luckily, they don't just serve anything; the breakfast menu is vast, inventive and ass-kicking. They open at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday through Friday; weekends at 8.

#3 Cafe Muse Royal Oak
Every day is Sunday at this srsly-adorbs S. Washington charmer that serves up elaborate weekday breakfasts, the likes of which most cities only get at weekend brunch. And at fairly reasonable prices, too. It's only been open since 2006, but it already feels like a classic.

#4 Jumps Grosse Pointe
This smart spot on The Hill does not-so-Grosse Pointey things like chorizo-avocado omelettes, malted pancakes and also bloody marys and mimosas. On a weekday. (Yes!) Next time you're tempted to hit the OPH on Mack (and who isn't, from time to time -- mmmm...49'ers), sit it out for a round and give this worthy place a try.

#5 Toast Birmingham
The only thing lamer than snobs in B'ham are the reverse snobs living elsewhere who get their knickers in a knot about how snobby everyone in B'ham is. Or how fancy-pants this much nicer branch of the Ferndale original can be. Y'all figure your shit out, and when you do, join us inside for peach cobbler waffles and etcetera. Peace

Bubbling under: Duly's (Detroit), Beverly Hills Grill (Beverly Hills), Commonwealth (Birmingham), The Fly Trap (Ferndale), Star Diner (Allen Park)

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