Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Week We Ate [The EID Week in Review]

The "maids" of Chou Anime Cafe in Midtown.
Easy Like Sundae has officially opened in downtown Ferndale. The first four comments on Downtown Ferndale's photo? Not, "Congratulations!" Not, "Welcome to the neighborhood!" Not, "So excited to have another great business down here!" Not, "Go Ferndale!" No: "Are there any VEGAN options?" Seriously, you guys, I'm trying to be supportive of your lifestyle choices but you can be profoundly f-ing tedious sometimes. How about we congratulate them on opening before we start brow-beating the vegan/lactose-free/gluten-free agenda, hm? It's FROZEN YOGURT. [Ferndale Patch / Easy Like Sundae FB / Downtown Ferndale FB]

Detroit finally gets mass transit! Sort of. The Detroit Bus Co. puts the "pub" in public transportation. [Thrillist Detroit]

The Corktown train keeps a'rollin, with or without the train station. [Curbed Detroit]

I wrote the preview on Local Kitchen + Bar (almost ready!) but Curbed picked it up, which is always worth noting -- especially since that bitch just surpassed me in followers this week. [EID / Curbed Detroit / Curbed Detroit FB]

MotorCity Wine turns two! [MLive]

The solidest of dudes filmed a short at the solidest of places: check out Solid Dudes Kitchen as they win at Green Dot Stables. [Solid Dudes Kitchen]

Pumpkin beers have started coming in and I apparently have too much time on my hands. [EID FB]

Three Andiamo restaurants (including the flagship Warren location) will be changed over to the mouthful-of-a-name, Joe Vicari's Andiamo Italian Steakhouse. [Macomb Daily]

Phil Cooley, former model and most interesting man in America. [Vice]

A Travel Channel writer names the 7 best beer destinations in the country and includes Traverse City, citing Short's (in NOT-nearby Bellaire) and Mackinaw Brewing Co. (RLY?) as reasons. He also included Beer City USA TIE city Asheville, NC, acknowledging its title as Beer City USA while conveniently failing to mention it was a TIE with ... wait for it ... Grand Rapids. Clearly this person thought it best to suckle at the teet of Batali than do any actual reporting. Why the snub, chum? (All that being said I still love Traverse City more than anywhere and anything else.) [Travel Channel / MLive / The Daily Meal]

Speaking of Batali, he makes his picks for the 9 best restaurants in the world and included not one but TWO places in Traverse City, the Cook's House and Frenchie's (a sandwich shop). That's right folks, according to Joey Tribbiani Mario Batali, a sandwich shop in Traverse City belongs on the very same list of the best restaurants in the world as Le Bernadin and Le Louis XV. The kicker is he's really NOT being paid off by the Traverse City Convention and Visitors Bureau. (I asked.) [The Daily Meal]

The Brinery stimulates our gastronomy AND economy. [Concentrate]

Suburban nightclub South Bar closes after yet another shooting. Oh, Birmingham... [Downtown Publications]

NPR gets all NPR-y about Detroit coney dogs. [NPR]

Beer is good for the economy. [MLive]

The Bottom Line Coffeehouse will be opening in Midtown next week. It's now Facebook official. [TBL FB]

More importantly, Anthology needs a roaster and we need Anthology. [indiegogo / Anthology FB]

The Detroit News has been in a cryogenic slumber since 2005. They should really read Curbed more. [DetNews]

Motor City Street Eats announces their Dearborn summer schedule. [MCSE FB]

Mae's poured their patio this week! Sitting in the sunlight will make us feel less bad about sucking down butter burgers and salted caramel cream-filled chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. [Mae's FB]

Maria's Comida has announced they will be closing the restaurant on August 18 and transitioning over to a manufacturing facility for their "Maria's House Made" salsas and barbecue sauces. Last chance for a ghost pepper burger! [Maria's FB]

I have a feeling if I ever make it to Tokyo my head will explode. Perhaps this place can ease me into it. [HuffPo]