Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Porsche repair waiting area.
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm one flattered motherfucker this week.

Looks like my Pied-Pipering of the poutine scene has finally paid off: both the Freep AND the News saw fit to run stories on it this week. Welcome to the party, guys. Let me know what else I can research for you. In other news, my long-researched Poutine Hot List comes out this week. Yay for my timing. [Freep / News]

Detroit CBS Local ran a story on Great Lakes Coffee this week using the exact same intro I did, except for much less effectively since an corporate media outlet covering the local scene SHOULD be running a story on it regardless and one should also have an established brand and public identity before assuming anyone cares whether or not you add your voice to the chorus. Nice try though. [Detroit CBS Local / EID]

Dan Gilbert disciple Josh Linkner lists "5 incredible people remaking Detroit." Once again, not a single black person highlighted in a story about a city more than 85% black. But he did squeeze in a couple of nods for his and Gilbert's lovechild Detroit Venture Partners! [Forbes]

Cafe Muse is expanding! They've already hired on a new chef to oversee the added space which will be the same but different, part of the restaurant but separate, and with the kind of edgy beer, wine + cocktail list you've come to expect from Muse but even more of it. [Cafe Muse FB / EID FB]

MGM Detroit announces the new restaurant that will replace Wolfgang Puck Grill: TAP, a "sports pub" serving "stylish" comfort food with 50 beers (draft? bottle?) including (some? many?) local brews. We are underwhelmed. [MGM Detroit FB / Marx Layne PR email blast / EID FB / HuffPo / Curbed Detroit]

Not food but a way to make sure you don't get fat: the Detroit Riverwalk broke ground on its final phases of construction this week, HUGE news for locals, tourists, bikers, walkers, Detroit and the world at large. But at least Detroit. Maybe Michigan. But definitely Detroit. [We Are Mode Shift]

The assistant food editor of Food Network Magazine visited MadCap Coffee in Grand Rapids and ate at the Original House of Pancakes and Hunter House Hamburgers in Birmingham after her Porsche broke down and they had to wait for repairs. Yes, life is hard for the assistant food editor of Food Network Magazine. [Food + Femininity]

The Bottom Line Coffee House is now open in Midtown. [TBL FB / Dig Downtown FB]

Awwwwwww!!! Old people are so much better than kids. [Eater National]

Our Co-MFIC lurvs northern MI too. [NY Post]

Every ending is a new beginning. AJ O'Neil, who used to own AJ's Music Cafe in Ferndale before closing it in March, will be starting a new cafe in Highland Park where he will keep selling his signature "Detroit Bold" blend. [HuffPo]

Sours. They're a thing. Jolly Pumpkin is bringing sexy lambics back. [BeerPulse]

Mash opened in Ann Arbor. It's in the basement of Blue Tractor. Basically they traded mojitos for bourbon. Otherwise, same. []

Mae's got a patio. It's adorbs. [Mae's FB]