Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

New Yorkers visit Detroit, eat at Slows. Yep, it's this story again, only these guys failed to bow at the altar of the Most High Exalted Mac and Cheese at the Most Important Restaurant in the Country. [NY Food Journal]

Green beer. Not in a gross way like that Bud Light pumped full of green food coloring that gets served by the trough-full during St. Patrick's Day; this is about Arbor Brewing/Corner Brewery's $350,000 investment in sustainable technologies at their production facility. [Fox News]

Chez Zara opens inside the Madison Building, and it's the MADISON building, not the M@dison Building, because just because Subprime Dan got a few buildings for practically free doesn't mean he gets to run around disrespecting this city and its heritage by slapping on infantile Twitter-twatty names on historic buildings he bought at bargain basement prices after his company ruined real estate. [Drinks Business Review / Deadspin]


You ever make out with someone after they ate the death-by-garlic shawarma at Bucharest Grill and found yourself totally into it? So did Esquire. [Esquire]

Bray's Burger Bust. [Det News]

Yates Cider Mill opens August 10! Fall is coming! [Yates FB]

When hipster cred goes Etsy twee: Corktown is discovered by Martha Stewart Living. [IAYD]