Monday, August 20, 2012

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Too bad for her she wasn't talking about pumpkin beers.
And here is the Martha Stewart Living story on Corktown. It is all of the usual suspects which is out of necessity as Nemo's and Casey's don't quite have that trendy hipster-twee vibe that these national glossies gun for. Other cities need to learn from Detroit that five businesses equals urban renewal because then we could, like, renew the SHIT out of the rest of the country. [Martha Stewart Living]

The Ooties Re-booties: the space that was supposed to be Ooties is now going to be called Acme Food Company, which despite sounding like a slaughterhouse will actually also be a breakfast/lunch joint. [Curbed Detroit]

Slows was the Biggest Loser on the Travel Channel's "Best Sandwich in America" after bringing chicken to a pork fight. Regardless they still made it to the top three and now the wait to get a seat there is even longer. Yes, apparently that was possible. [Det News]

Someone wants to build an urban winery on Belle Isle. This is of course something that people should get really mad about. Oh, Detroit... [MLive]

Maria's Comida closed on Saturday but the owners will continue to produce Maria's House Made Salsa and sauces. And if I hadn't flitted off on the Mille Mitten excursion at the last possible minute you would be able to read a feature on that but now you're just going to have to wait. [Maria's FB / EID FB]

Gastronomy opened in Southfield and it's pretty freakin' phenomenal. (Lunch only until they get their liquor license.) [Thrillist / EID FB]

Dan Carmody: Detroit's REAL hero named Dan. [Friend of the Farmer]

Ye Olde Butcher Shop is still opening at some point??? [McClure's Pickles FB]

You all love people who hate on the Dream Cruise, apparently. [Magic Bag FB / EID FB]

Most businesses apparently do too, as the Cruise consistently proves to be more bane than boon. [Crain's]

TIME called us fat. [TIME]

Ohhhhhhhhhh wait, we are. [CDC / Books + Review]

Say nice things about Detroit! [Freep]

OR ELSE. [Positive Detroit]

Sour beer: IT'S THE NEXT THING. [Wall Street Journal]

They're heeeeeee-re...Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers are rapidly hitting shelves already. [EID FB]

As my western beerrespondent notes, "Local government planners continue planning the shit out of Jolly Pumpkin, but any progress is good, eh?" [Dexter Patch / All the Brews Fit to Pint FB]

Germans drink beer by the litre, therefore Germans win. German Park sounds like a party. [Concentrate]

Scott at Treat Dreams also knows how to win at things. [MLive]

Ronin turned five and made some infused sake to celebrate. [Ronin FB]

Grand Traverse Distillery now makes a cherry-flavored whiskey and it seems like you guys are into it. [EID FB / Promote Michigan FB]

Detroit's Wolverine Packing Company supplies six of the 10 top burgers in the country. That shit cray. [Model D]

Turns out Groupon's business model of exponential growth in perpetuity wasn't actually realistic. Who knew? [Slate]

So Obama's pretty much the coolest. Since people tend to vote on the most arbitrary and inane subjects anyway, this should be one of them. [USA Today]

But I still want to be Jon Stewart when I grow up. [Eater]

There's a lot of self-important Chicagoan smarm to trudge through here, but ultimately Grand Rapids's awesomeness wins. Beer City USA tie city Grand Rapids gets acknowledged by a Chicago travel writer; it continues on to a page 2 for which you need to sign up in order to read which I'm not doing because fuck Chicago. [Chicago Tribune]

And last week's Internet winner is this. [Gawker]