Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Troy keeps it classy.

Ye Olde Butcher Shop is experiencing Ye Olde Detroit Landlord Drama; still plans on opening and is already stocking shelves with non-perishables. [MLive]

Once again, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I should be one flattered motherfucker. (Headlines? Really?) Except that if you're going to BLATANTLY copy me and get paid for it, please kindly do your fucking research. Here's a spotlight of some up-and-coming local chefs in which long-time chef Alexis Henslee of The Metropolitan Cafe is called "new" and Myles McVay is mis-reported as still working for D'Amato's Restaurant despite having accepted a position at Cafe Muse and made the official move long before this story even went to print. (CBS Local / Metromode)

Dangerously Delicious (and exceptionally expensive) Pies are now available seven days a week at Comet Bar. In related news, Comet Bar is still open. Yeah, it surprised me too. [My Fox Detroit]

Any joke about Slows is worth re-printing. Curbed reports that the weight of Slows' patrons waiting for a table over the weekend collapsed the sidewalk. Not really, but the wait hasn't gotten shorter. [Curbed Detroit]

Mudgie's Deli is applying for a liquor license and needs your help in epistolary form to attest that they will not be a booze-fueled dirty hipster sex den, or whatever the dispute is about. Besides, Detroit's dirty hipster sex dens never needed booze to operate. [Mudgie's FB]

Troy keeps it classy. Two chicks break bottles, pull hair at Mon Jin Lau. [Royal Oak Patch]

Detroit Restaurant Week announces their fall 2012 dates, Sept. 28-Oct. 7. [DRW FB]

24grille starts brunch service on September 9. This is now on my calendar and e-vites will be sent shortly. [24grille Official Website]

Are these 'Michigan's Best Ice Cream Parlors'? Meh, who cares: how can *I* get paid to do this? [MLive]

Fodor's rehashes Mario Batali's list of favorite places in Leelanau. [Fodor's]

USA Today gives some love to the UP's Keweenaw Brewing Company's Widow Maker. [USA Today]

Does anyone still listen to Richard Florida? Well if you do, he's all about craft brewers now. [The Atlantic Cities]