Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[Real Detroit] Nick's 22nd Street Steakhouse

This post written by EID Co-Conspirator Stefanie Cobb.

Photo by Stefanie Cobb.
In case anyone hasn't noticed, steakhouses are totally THE thing now. And while it seems as though we can't get enough of them, each one is just as overpriced and gaudy as the next. Nick's 22nd Street Steakhouse in Shelby Township is proud of their originality and knack for standing out amongst their cattle hungry competitors. Nick's Steakhouse is a third generation establishment that has continued to thrive for over two decades.

Owners and brothers Bill, Harry and George Andreopoulous certainly acquired the knowledge of the ins and outs in running a successful restaurant. As a family with a long history of entrepreneurship, they've managed to maintain their passion of buying run-down businesses and transforming them into thriving restaurants. They are also the owners of Catch 22 Bistro in Algonac.

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