Monday, April 15, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger.

A good burger inside a gas station? Good Burger in Dearborn is serving up all fresh, never-frozen products including buns from local bakeries, condiments and sauces made in-house, and hand-cut fries and onion rings. The catch? It's inside a BP gas station. Check your prejudices at the pump; gourmet gas station food might be the next big thing in the Motor City. [Dearborn Patch]

Detroit Restaurant Week Spring 2013 starts this Friday; check out all the menus online and make your reservations! [DRW]

Welcome to the Gilbert Era. [Freep]

In case you missed it:
-Go pantsless in Detroit [EID]
-The new-old Urban Bean Co. (re)opens this week in Capitol Park [Model D]
-The man who makes the best Manhattan in the country has left Roast for the rosier pastures of corporate mixology [EID]
-Here's a throwback Hot List for National Grilled Cheese month [EID]

In addition to saving the city/destroying the city/simply providing another grocery shopping option in the city (depending on your perspective), Whole Foods will also have an indoor/outdoor cafe and WiFi. [WF FB]

Monk Beer Bar opens today in Royal Oak in the former Cafe Habana space with an even Belgian-ier theme than its sister restaurant/brewpub Bastone. [Royal Oak Patch]

Thrillist took a trip to Trinosophes and enjoyed the baked goods from The Red Hook, the coffee from the Just Coffee co-op in Wisconsin, the old bar from Saint Andrew's Hall, and everything else inside this 4-in-1 venue (including the promise of future pizza party pop-ups!). [Thrillist]

Nefertiti Harris will open Tarot + Tea in West Village this May. The entrepreneur and spiritualist looks forward to continue serving her community spiritually as she so often does socially at Textures by Nefertiti. [UIX]

Beer and food trucks. Again and again and again. (The takeaway here: Ned's TravelBurger is debuting a new food truck.) [Thrillist]

"Urban pioneer," in a literal sense. Peck Produce in Detroit's Boston-Edison neighborhood is getting ready for spring. [Model D]

Got pork? Pig + Whiskey happens July 19-21. [P+W FB]

How far it is we've come when graffiti, once the scourge of public spaces, is now commissioned as an aesthetically-pleasing alternative to ongoing construction (later to be auctioned for education fundraising). Nicely done, Toast Birmingham. [Birmingham Patch]

At some point last week I reached the "I'm really fucking sick of people stealing my shit" professional breaking point and Click on Detroit got the brunt of it. Thanks to them for addressing and correcting their error. [Click on Detroit]

A2 Gastro Boy has your latest and greatest on A2, even if he does it for him and not me. Sighs. [A2GB]

Well, this was inevitable. A2's Selma Cafe could be forced to shut down for various code violations. [A2 Chronicle]

Throughout the next 12-18 months, all Caribou Coffee locations in Michigan will either be closed or converted to Peet's Coffee + Tea (the OG of second-wave coffee shops), which are owned by the same parent company. Though not implicitly stated, it looks like Biggby Coffee is winning the Michigan market with their Double Diabetes Bear Lattes(TM). [Freep]

Here is a Detroit Institute of Bagels progress shot. [DIB FB]

This just in: Halo Burger is super-late to the Twitter party. It's like, at this point, just go ahead and wait for it to be replaced with Vine. [Detroit News]


Well hello ESPN, thanks for noticing our awesome craft beer offerings at Comerica Park! [ESPN]

Motor City Brewing Works is ready to see their name (or at least their beer) on Broadway! [Detroit News]

Atwater Brewery is going through some major expansions, which includes "Atwater in the Park," a brewpub in Grosse Pointe Park slated to open this fall, as well as a major increase in production with a new facility and the addition of a micro-distillery. [BeerPulse]

Paste Magazine puts Shorts Brewing Company on their list of weird beers. Twice. [Paste]