Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

PB, honey and bacon sammie from PB+J inside DTW. Photo by Solo Travel Girl

POP-UPS! We love them. Still. Here's a quick hit of what's popping next.
~Guns + Butter is happening again July 8-10. [G+B]
~The Detroit Three is hosting their first-ever event, "Umami in Corktown," at St. Cece's Pub this Tuesday. The 8pm seating is already sold out with only a few seats left for 6pm. This event is a benefit for Cooking Matters and the Chef and Child Foundation, and all future events will have a similar charity component. [The Detroit Three Official]
~The boys of Bailout Productions have two events coming up in the next couple of weeks. The first is this Friday at the newly-opened Shinola store in Midtown featuring a cocktail made with Shinola Cola and music from Haute to Death; the next is on Thursday, July 18 in English Village with food from Green Dot and Slows and music and hipsters and etc. [Bailout FB]
~Cook Lola Cook will be popping up Saturdays at Gusoline Alley featuring international street foods, starting with street foods of Asia. [Cook Lola Cook FB]
~Komodo Kitchen is back at Honi Honi, the Oakland's outdoor tiki bar, this Sunday, July 7. If you missed it, keep an eye out for more of these events while the weather holds out. [Komodo Kitchen FB]
~This is the last weekend for the Coffee and (___) June on Jefferson pop-up. (UPDATE: Just kidding! As of Monday Coffee and (___) announced they will be open for two more weeks!) So now I can ask: can I buy one of those tables? ...Seriously though. (Yeah, still seriously though.) [C+blank FB]

In case you missed it:
~July is Michigan Craft Beer Month. Here is a list of great Michigan summer beers that you can get pretty much anywhere. [EID]
~If you think this is just another retail store, you don't know shit from Shinola. (Also the new home of DROUGHT juice.) [Real Detroit]
~Happy National Fried Chicken Day! In honor of this, here's my Wings Hot List from last year. [EID]

The newly-launched hand-crafted Joseph Wesley Black Tea is the next evolution of Detroit artisan food products. Owner Joe Uhl says the project has been incubating for more than 20 years, and now it is available for you to try at Stella Good Coffee. [Joseph Wesley Black Tea Official]

First it was beer. Now it is spirits. But the next super-trendy craft alcohol product on the horizon is guaranteed to be mead, and Michigan is already leading the way well ahead of any other state. In this story in Imbibe Magazine, B. Nektar and Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. both get some play, as does local boy Ken Schramm, who is largely responsible for bringing mead out of the basement and into commercial viability with his Compleat Meadmaker, the launch of the Mazer Cup and National Mead Day (August 4!), and his very own Schramm's Mead (opening soon). [Imbibe]

A lot of non-commital language from DTE reps here. The bottom line is, DTE bought two buildings and are going to do something with them at some point which may or may not involve restaurants and/or markets and/or something similar, potentially. [Crain's]

The late-night weekend menu at Imperial started last weekend and it's na-cho ordinary late-night drunken bar food. [Thrillist]

As American as hot dogs and coney pie... this week Metro Times Detroit checks in with a few of metro Detroit's local bakers, including Dangerously Delicious Pies Baked in Detroit, Love's Custard Pie, Sister Pie, and Achatz Handmade Pie Co. These aren't the apple pies your Grandma used to make, but they'll still be welcome at any Fourth of July party. [Metro Times]

Imported from Detroit: Detroit deep dish pizza. Here's an overview of the history of this indigenous cuisine with pretty pretty pictures in Hour Detroit, including Buddy's Pizza, Cloverleaf Bar and Restaurant, Loui's Pizza, Shield's Pizza and more. Also with a handy infographic! [Hour]

Remember that Yelp teaser for Papa Joe's Bistro? Crain's checked it out and had this to say. I will also add that the wine tasting machine, called an enomatic system, is one of only a few in Michigan. Other restaurants have multi-bottle cruvinet systems which allow them to offer 100+ wines by the glass to customers while also keeping the wine fresh for much longer than bottles (Reserve Wine + Food in Grand Rapids has the biggest in Michigan), but there aren't a lot of self-serve enomatic system in the state. Surprised this hasn't caught on yet - maybe this is just the beginning? [Crain's]

This looks promising. [Revolver Hamtramck Official]

Timmy's Tacos have turned two. Don't know what that means? Then head to The Painted Lady Lounge in Hamtramck on a Wednesday night. [Metro Times]

A2-based myFab5 seeks to be the new Yelp. This TechTown company just won the first showcase for Detroit Technology Exchange, funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation in partnership with Bizdom Detroit, TechTown and Invest Detroit. [Crain's]

Who's got one of the top 5 most luxurious airport terminals in the country? According to CNN, WE DO!!! McNamara (DTW's terminal for the Delta hub and international carriers) gets high marks for things like a spa, a pro golf simulator, the first Porsche design store in any airport worldwide, and a gourmet PB+J sandwich shop. [CNN]

Crain's checks in with the Detroit City Futbol League with shout-outs to MillKing It Productions, Slows To Go, Green Dot Stables and El Guapo. [Crain's]

Who is Randal Fogelman of Eastern Market Corporation and Detroit Spice Co. Spices and Hot Sauces? Read about him here. [Red Thread]

~Griffin Claw Brewing Company will open on July 18. It's gonna be pretty cool, you guys. [Detroit News]

~If you've spent any time in A2 at ALL, you've witnessed the wonder that is the Violin Monster. Well, this fall, the fine folks at Arbor Brewing Company are making him his own beer. (Note: it will *not* be brewed with yeast extracted from his beard-mane.) []

~Once upon a time I was on a SW MI beer bus tour with Motor City Brew Tours and Bad Bear Brewing was the last stop. I remember it being good, but not much beyond that. So now that owner has opened Grand River Marketplace in Jackson, which will be a must-hit on your scenic SW MI beer tour trail (which also includes Dark Horse, Arcadia Ales, even Greenbush and the Livery if you go far enough). Also, Motor City Beer Tours has already said they'd be adding it to one of their routes - an experience I highly recommend. (I think. From what I remember.) [MLive]

~German Park celebrated its 75th anniversary last weekend. You'll have two more chances to celebrate along with them later this summer. []

~World of Beer opened. I remain unconvinced. []

Greater Michigan
~DAMNIT STOP TELLING EVERYONE. Yes, Traverse City is one of America's 10 best small towns. [Livability]

~Yeah, Marquette is totally awesome and also way more cosmopolitan than you might think. Actually it's kind of like a teeny tiny Madison, though less artsy and more outdoorsy. [Wasau Daily Herald]

~First We Feast presents 20 actual print-based local food publications (how novel!) worth reading. Shout-out to Edible Communities, which includes SE MI's edibleWOW Magazine, for which I am a long-time contributor and much longer-time lover. Really terrif mag, as is Edible Grande Traverse Magazine next time you're in TC. Print isn't dead. In fact, because of the ever-increasing white noise of the Internet, print mags, with all of their timing restrictions, have actually become better than ever. There's a certain kind of freedom that comes with having to distinguish yourself from the swamp; these are great examples of that. [FWF]

~Sadly, Detroit is not yet an option for Yelp's Word Map. But how handy it will be once it is! [Gizmodo]

~Children, I cannot explain this to you enough: you don't know when it is going to happen until it goes and happens, and then it is TOO LATE and there is NO TURNING BACK. Aging is the greatest indignity of life. Try to do it gracefully. Or, at least, strategically. [Jezebel]

~Behold, the most America-est hot dog in America. [Thrillist]

~Here is a list of 100 ranked BBQ sauces from all over the world, but mostly 'Murca. [BBQ Superstars]