Monday, October 7, 2013

[EID POLL] UPDATED: What is the best pizza in metro Detroit?

Supino Pizzeria.
UPDATED: This poll is closed and I already submitted my official vote for the top 9 with this little love note attached:

This is the absolute most ridiculous selection of Detroit-area pizzas and pizza places. I can't even fathom a guess how you came up with this. Even a random Google search would have yielded better results. Even when you selected one of the better places, the pizza option was retarded. Cheese pizza at Supino when there's the Bismark and Smoky, both of which have been written up in national pubs? I don't even feel okay about voting for this.

Want to see what you chose? (Is anyone even remotely surprised that Supino won by a landslide?) All the results are notated below!

It's a question that gets heatedly debated around these parts: who makes the best pizza in metro Detroit? You've got the Buddy's die-hards, the Supino fanatics, a bunch of places that get pimped by national publications (Buddy's and Supino included, but also Mani Osteria, Union Woodshop, and though I'm not a betting person I'd wager Pizzeria Biga/Bigalora will soon be on that list), and under-the-radar local favorites (like the not-really-secret-anymore Amar's).

I received an email late last week from a national publication that shall remain nameless for now asking me to chime in on a national pizza survey. It being National Pizza Month, they are looking to make the definitive guide to the best pizzas in the country. But instead of making the decisions myself, I decided to turn it over to you, dear readers. You tell me your top 9 and I will vote how you tell me (I can choose up to 9 out of the 17 listed). Kind of like an Electoral College except I really will vote how you tell me to vote.

Now, please understand: I did not make this poll. I did not decide what would be on this poll. "But no Buddy's!" I know. "But know Cloverleaf!" I know. "But no Loui's!" I know. These are the 17 options you have. No more, no less. Just deal with it. It's just a poll.

I need to get my vote in by Friday morning so I'm giving you guys until midnight on October 10 to vote. (So you have all day today, tomorrow and Wednesday to decide.)

Also please note! You are voting specifically for the pizza as listed, not for the restaurant itself. Supino's Smoky and Bismark may very well be the best pizzas in Michigan, but is their plain cheese better than all these other pizzas? I mean, I like their plain cheese as much as I like any plain cheese, but if I'm choosing between that and Amar's Tandoori I'm sorry, but I've gotta go with the Tandoori as the better pizza. And again, I did not make any of these selections. "But no Smoky! No Bismark! NO DETROIT-STYLE DEEP DISH!*" Ohemgeesies, I know. Justjustjust take the stupid poll.

What is the best pizza in metro Detroit?
Alex's Market + Grill, Detroit, Mich. (Pepperoni) - 0 votes, 0%
Amar's Pizza, Detroit, Mich. (Tandoori: Tandoori chicken, cheese, onion, Tandoori sauce) - 11 votes, 6%
Anthony's Gourmet Pizza, Ann Arbor, Mich. (Chicago Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza) - 7 votes, 3%
Benito's, Detroit, Mich. (Chicken Supreme: Chicken, onion, pepper, olives, tomatoes, Cheddar) - 2 votes, 1%
Green Zone Pizza, Detroit, Mich. (Veggie Delight: Spinach, mushrooms, roasted red pepper, garlic, onion) - 3 votes, 1%
Hippie's Pizza, Detroit, Mich. (Daft Punk Pizza: Goat cheese, mozzarella, honey, red pepper flakes) - 7 votes, 3%
Jo's Angela's Pizza and Deli, Auburn Hills, Mich. (Cheese Pie), 1 vote, 0%
Mani Osteria and Bar, Ann Arbor, Mich. (Pepperoni Pie) - 14 votes, 7%
Milano Bakery + Cafe, Detroit, Mich. (Milano Special: Pepperoni, ham, sausage, onion, mushrooms, olives) - 2 votes, 1%
Niki’s, Detroit, Mich. (Cheese Pie) - 3 votes, 1% 
Pizza Cutter, Detroit, Mich. (Deep Dish) - 2 votes, 1%
Pizza House, Ann Arbor, Mich. (Sausage and pepperoni) - 11 votes, 6%
PizzaPapalis in Greektown, Detroit, Mich. (Deep Dish Cheese Pie) - 16 votes, 9%
Pizzeria Biga, Detroit, Mich. (Margherita) - 50 votes, 28% 
Supino Pizzeria, Detroit, Mich. (Cheese Pie) - 96 votes, 54%
Town Pump Tavern Detroit, Mich. (Speciality: pizza sauce, mozzarella) - 3 votes, 1% 
Union Woodshop, Detroit, Mich. (Margherita) - 9 votes, 5%

*Except for Niki's which is probably the weakest Detroit deep dish of all.