Thursday, October 17, 2013

[NEWS BITES] Several Detroit businesses vying for Chase Mission Main Street Grant

The Chase Mission Main Street Grants are $250,000 grants awarded to small businesses that have been open and operating for at least two years prior to the program launch and employ fewer than 100 people. The businesses have until November 15 to get 250 votes from the public via Facebook to go on to the next round, which is a panel deliberation among top professionals from some of the largest corporations and business organizations in the country. 12 grants total are available for businesses from all over the country, and winners will be announced in January 2014.

40 area businesses are in the running (type "Detroit" in the search field to see the full list, though that does not include anything in the suburbs that doesn't have "Detroit" in its name - the search functions for this leave a lot to be desired), including automotive, advertising, arts and entertainment, construction, finance, education, and healthcare. Food-based businesses Hacienda Mexican Foods and foodjunky are also on there. Also Aba Market, which looks to be a liquor store, and Detroit Mini Donut (in Garden City). And a Subway. So.

You have to vote using your Facebook account. Vote for your favorites here.