Monday, November 11, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

This sums it all up nicely. 
~You know, I thought it was going to be Bourdain who blew up the Internet this week. But no: it was me. [EID]
~Another week, another Young Gun. This week it's Nikita Santches of Rock City Eatery. Check out what he has to say about Michigan's culinary scene, the people who have most inspired him, and how he wants people to step outside of their culinary comfort zones. [EID]
~It's a long walk for a short drink of water, but this is what all the Pappy Van Winkle's Family Reserve fuss is about, and here's where you can get some in metro Detroit. [EID]
~Over on Detroit's East Side, these are the go-to neighborhood grocery stores. And not that I'm trying to be partial or anything, but Mike's Fresh Market is particularly impressive. [Model D]
~La Feria is now open for both lunch AND dinner, and celebrated a grand opening with Melt last week. [Model D]
~New beginnings are on the horizon for Rodin and previous Exec Chef Kate Williams. [EID]
~Treat Dreams launched Wicked Donuts on November 16, and have already started giving away free donuts to their Facebook fans. [EID / TD FB]
~EVENTS! [EID], I kind of killed it this week didn't I? *pats own back*

Eastern Market Corporation is in the news with yet another massive grant that will bring even more improvements and amenities to the ongoing Shed 5 renovation. [Freep]

And take a listen to Eastern Market Corporation President Dan Carmody on The Craig Fahle Show talking about the latest announcements of renovations taking place in and around Shed 5. [WDET]

Like or not (notnotnotnotnot), it's time to start thinking about the holidays. And presents! Mitten Crate is kind of like a CSA of artisan food producers from all over the state, and the monthly subscription box service brings together items from different companies every single month. Might be a good gift for the jaded "foodie" who has eaten (and Instagramed) everything. [Crain's]

Bagger Dave's Burger Tavern in Greektown delayed opening, originally slated for last Sunday. [MLive]

Revolver co-owner Tunde Wey muses on things. He is very good at musing on things. [Model D]

You may have seen some vague posts over the last day or so exclaiming "Save Hamtown Farms!" In Detroit it seems like we're always trying to save something and it does get to be a whole lot of white noise after awhile because really, who can keep up. So here's what's really going on with the property that Hamtown Farms inhabits and why people are trying to save it. [Eclecta]

Awhile back some blog somewhere listed the top sandwiches for each state after another blog about a year or so before had put together a list of the United States of Sandwich, naming the signature sandwich of each state (and on which a full year of sandwich specials at Mudgie's was based). So now Business Insider is taking a stab at it with their own version. For Michigan they picked Zingerman's Delicatessen's corned beef, the only super-specific "this exact sandwich from this exact place" selection on the list. Probably just corned beef would have sufficed, but also probably this is a better pick than the pasty previously named by the previous copycat blog. [Business Insider]

Red Crown launched a new bar menu last week. Cocktails and bar snacks? Sounds good to me. [Red Crown FB]

Another new place in Birmingham called Market North End opened and it sounds pretty interesting. [Detroit News]

After the news got out that legendary Chicago chef Charlie Trotter died last week after being found unconscious in his home, the culinary world expressed their sorrow...and speculation began. Verbiage was vague - vague enough to imply drugs, maybe suicide. Morbid and callous yes, but we're all guilty of it. Jeff Ruby of Chicago magazine wrote this editorial that manages to be both a heartfelt eulogy without being saccharine or sensational, while also addressing the unavoidably ugly parts of humanity - both Trotter's and our own. [Chicago Mag]

~If someone were to ask you what Michigan does better than any other state, the answer is beer. And someone made a movie about it. And the Freep premiered it last Thursday. This is a story about all of those things. [Freep]

~Who put food in my beer? Turns out, a BUNCH of Michigan breweries (like Right Brain Brewery, Dark Horse Brewing Co., and Short's Brewing Company). Fun story about food in beer from DRAFT Magazine. [DRAFT]

~Pray for us sinners. Or just drink beer. [NPR]

~According to Travel + Leisure, Arcadia Ales is one of America's coolest breweries. [T+L]

~WIGGS! (From Dark Horse, yo.) [Freep]