Monday, November 25, 2013

The Week We Ate (The EID Week in Review)

~LET THERE BE BAGELS! Detroit Institute of Bagels opens on Thanksgiving Day! [EID]

~All of the Young Guns have given terrific interviews for EID's Young Guns profile series, but Detroit's favorite young(-ish…his words!) Gun Andy Hollyday of the soon-to-open Selden Standard might just be my favorite yet. [EID]

~Thanksgiving is one week away! Whether you want to buy a locally-raised turkey to make at home, buy a pre-cooked turkey (or the whole damn meal) to serve, or want to skip that whole mess and just go out to eat, here are some local places that will facilitate all of your needs. [EID]

~Another week, another Green Grocer profile, this time on the lower East Side. Not to be partial or anything, but Food Town Super Market is super-nice, and how cute is Chandler Park? [Model D]

~Another previous pop-up is making the transition to permanent. Coffee and (_______) will now be a permanent fixture in the developing Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood. [Model D]

~Tuesdays market season at Eastern Market Corporation may be over, but they're having one last hurrah next Tuesday for their Thanksgiving Market, where they'll have everything you'll need for your holiday table as well as food trucks, Christmas tree farmers, the launch of the Wheelhouse Detroit Bike Shop + Detroit Bikes retail residency, and the newest release from Arcadia Publishing, 'Detroit's Historic Eastern Market' - co-written by EM businesses development VP and owner of Detroit Spice Co. Spices and Hot Sauces, Randall Fogelman. [Model D]

~Local chef Brian Beland won a culinary thing in Dubai. [EID]

~It's the most wonderful time for EVENTS! [EID]

Detroit in L.A.: Guns + Butter is popping up on the west coast at the super-trendy Hollywood Roosevelt - a Thompson Hotel. With the recent G+B endorsement from Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown at one of the trendiest hipster/scenester hotspots in Hollywood, this dinner is going to be a big deal. [LA Times]

A new restaurant is now open in Midtown. It is called The Grille Midtown. You can take a look at the menu online…looks like pretty standard "grille with an e" offerings; definitely trying to be a bit more upscale. [The Grille Official]

Give thanks for ready-made Thanksgiving meals from places like Zingerman's Roadhouse, The Produce Station, Eat Catering And Carry-Out, and more. [MLive]

What are the best pizzas in the state of Michigan? According to, MANI Osteria and Bar is #1, Buddy's Pizza is #2, and Supino Pizzeria is # N/A because they're not even in the top 10. Which just goes to show you that other people's opinions are exactly that. [MLive]

And in a separate link (MOAR CLIKZ), the rest of the list. (Supino Pizzeria is on this one but alas, no Bigalora.) [MLive]

Looks like Toronto has some Detroit envy… great story on Detroit's Dr. Sushi here from our northern neighbors. [Toronto Standard]

As far as travel stories go, this one is…brief. (But does manage to squeeze in "Bourdain" despite that.) And according to this, La Feria Detroit is the new restaurant of note. [AOL]

The Royal Oak Barnes and Noble stays for now. Commence bitching about BLAH BLAH BLAH CORPORATE BLAH. [Royal Oak Patch]

Peet's Coffee and Tea has set up shop in metro Detroit in a major kind of way. Here are all of the many grand openings happening. [Royal Oak Patch]

~The times, they are a-changin'! Several bills that significantly loosen the restrictions on breweries and brewpubs are making their way through state legislature, as are bills allowing temporary licenses for new bars and restaurants going through the licensing process and "economic development" liquor licenses available in any and all municipalities. [MLive]

~They…they understand why this is totally f-ed up, right? Don't they? [The Daily Meal]

~Celeb chef and part-time Michigander Mario Batali took to the Twitters to raise money for a cause he personally believes in, and in true form, the mouth-breathers of Twitter voiced their opposition with the usual derpaderpaderpaDER. His responses are quite humorous. [The Raw Story]

~Hate Wal-Mart? So does Ashton Kutcher. Here is another celeb Twitterer taking a social media stand. (For whatever that's worth.) [Salon]

~And then Jon Stewart totally pussed out. [Salon]