Thursday, January 16, 2014

On Going Vegan

Here's a picture of me and Elvis from a few years ago. He wanted to take me for a ride in his pink Cadillac. :/

Las Vegan, that is. (That's what they're called here. But it's pronounced "Vay-gan.")

By now you've probably heard that I've left the dirty D for the sunshine and neon lights of Las Vegas. It wasn't exactly a secret - I was very open about it on my personal social media accounts and discussed it at length with the food and beverage industry people closest to me as well as all of the media outlets I work for. I teased the announcement first in Model D here (which was followed up with something not entirely accurate but also not entirely inaccurate either). It was also announced in Real Detroit Weekly, with which I have a longer professional relationship than anywhere else.