Who we are

Note from Nicole, HBIC, from her new home in Las Vegas: Nicole did pretty much everything with minor exception where noted, but for all intents and purposes, "Eat It Detroit" = Nicole Rupersburg. Without her around, EID has gone into hibernation mode, though she does still make the occasional guest appearance in Detroit-area media which she will continue to cross-post here. For posterity's sake, here's who "Who We Are" once were:

We're Nicole and also Stefanie and sometimes David. We love food and we love Detroit and we like spending as much time as possible talking about both.

With years of combined experience writing on both topics for both local and national publications, our aim with Eat It Detroit is to push our efforts to the next level, to a place where we can be of even more use to the city and the region as ambassadors for its rich and varied food culture and heritage.

We're part food blog, part tour providers/event producers/social media marketers, and all awesome. Our goal is to find the very best food and drink in our region -- no borders, no barriers, no limits -- and show it to the world.

Please say hello at any time, for any reason:

Nicole Rupersburg is the H.B.I.C. and manages the whole package.
nicole (at) eatitdetroit (dot) com

David Landsel helped to get the ball rolling and continues to provide insight, advice and beer.

Stefanie Cobb is the n00b and will be contributing original blog content and whatever other duties Nicole can pass off to her in time.

Look forward to hearing from you.