Monday, August 18, 2008

Bloated in Mexican Town

Originally published in D-Tales here; renamed and edited for content.

Friday night I went to check out Blue Oyster Cult on the Riverfront...more on that in a separate post, though. Afterwards, One of My Gays and I decided to catch a bite in Mexican Town. I put a call out to some friends of mine, some real-life genuine Mexicanos, and asked which places are best to eat. We ended up at Los Galanes, after I was instructed by one of said Latino friends (and Another One of My Gays) to eat upstairs in the "fresh fish" area and, I was adamantly warned, not the buffet (come to find out, the buffet now shuts down at 3:00 due to "rising food costs"). The outdoor patio was packed but indoors was empty. On my friend's recommendation I tried the Quesadillas de Camarones (jumbo shrimp quesadillas). They were good, as was the guacamole (though it could have used more garlic). Afterwards, we were bloated from food and sleepy from margaritas, and spent the rest of the evening vegging out on the couch.