Monday, August 4, 2008

So Many Rumors...

Originally published in D-Tales here.

This weekend was full of interesting tidbits for me. I got the scoop on a lot of future goings-ons, so much so that I'm not even sure I'll remember it all and some of it I can't even repeat (which is going to kill me, btw--so when I finally am officially able to talk about it and the post starts with "I ALREADY KNEW THIS" you'll know that was this stuff I'm NOT talking about here).

I have to run off to work in a hot second so I'll keep this one limited to the dining rumors:

First, I wondered the other day what exactly the new Michael Symon restaurant inside the Book-Cadillac would be--I got the answer. (Admittedly this information was likely readily available online, but I didn't feel like looking for it. So there.) It will be called Roast and it will be a steakhouse. Very beefy. Can't wait.

Second, there is a new French restaurant opening soon across the street from Buzz Bar (or, what used to be Buzz Bar and still has the Buzz Bar sign but is not in fact open). It was supposed to open July 1st--that's what the sign said--but the inside is still looking pretty gutted. These things never happen on time anyway. My question: classic French or French fusion? And who's the chef? Please please please let it be Shawn Mac...I'd really like to see him land on his feet and stay in the city post-AV.

Third, apparently the owner of the Good Girls Go to Paris crepe stand is already talking about opening a second location in Eastern Market, possibly even with a little cafe area where people can sit and eat their crepes. Instead of doing what I did, which was stop by on my way to work and eat this overflowing crepe from a paper plate while doing 80 on the Lodge. Hey, I never said I make the best decisions, I just have the best taste. The crepe was wonderful, btw. I had the "Fay"--bananas with pecans, caramel, brown sugar, whipped cream, and lots of real butter. OMFG so good. Elegant in its simplicity, as crepes should be. The crepe shell was perfect, too--doughy and slightly sweet. It is my personal goal to sample all the crepes and give a full report afterwards. This will be possible only on Fridays and Saturdays when their hours are more conducive to my schedule (open until 2:00AM, that is).

Hm, what else? I think that's everything food-related that I am allowed to share. The rest will eat at me until I'm finally able to repeat it.

Heh..."eat" at me. Punny!