Friday, March 19, 2010

Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid (Except By Me)

Sometimes, there's a man. Sometimes, there's a man... Well, I lost my train of thought here, but I done introduced it enough.

(The Big Lebowski. Greatest movie ever EVER ever. Don't argue with me.)

Sometimes there's a man, and sometimes there's a catch-all blog post. Here goes:

Seldom Blues Space for Rent
The space once occupied by the Frank Taylor joint (get it? like "Spike Lee joint"? Ohhh how I'm in a mood today...) has become prime property up for grabs, and several prominent local restauranteurs are eyeing it like a pack of hungry wolves. The Vicaris, who own the Andiamo Restaurant Group, want to open a second location of their Novi-based upscale Mexcian eatery Rojo Mexican Bistro (note: their Andiamo on the Riverfront, located inside the Ren Cen, is their highest-grossing location--little wonder they'd want to see a second restaurant in the same building). Matt Prentice wants to open another fish house, though promises it will be distinctly different from his Northern Lakes Seafood Co. in Bloomfield Hills. Rumor is that the brokers of the space really want to see a seafood restaurant in this location, but there are also hush-hush hints that an old Detroit dining institution may be returning in a renewed form...many would be excited to see this happen, though I regretfully cannot tip my hand here. Hyde Park Prime is another name thrown in the mix, which was supposed to open in aught-eight in Bloomfield Hills though it ultimately never did. The overall consensus is that this is a killer space that can make killer money if managed properly. Read between the lines if you will; I only said what I said.

Two New Spots in Greektown
And neither of them are Greek. Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Monroe St. will open March 29, offering "the best $5 burger a man can eat" according to GQ. Just down the street Red Smoke Barbeque is taking shape nicely...looks like a trendy-but-not-in-that-way-that-Slows-is-trendy kind of place. Like, traditional southern "trendy"...something that would be a happenin' spot in Charlotte, NC. The true test of a BBQ joint is its ribs (sorry, but Slows fails there)...I'm curious to see what Red Smoke can bring. Yee-haw!

Speaking of BBQ (and Slows)
There is also going to be a new BBQ joint on Woodward at Adams; construction is currently underway but a source tells me that when he walked by and inquired about the renovation he was told, "You know Slows? It'll be like that, only better." Sounds like someone got ahold of the Open Pit recipe and is having their way with it!

(Proof) Space Has Been Leased Out to an Eastside Bar
Perhaps Dooley's, or some other big eastside joint. know, the jokes just write themselves here. I almost feel like it's beneath me. Take a heaping helping of the White Trash Trifecta (muffin tops, tramp stamps, and skunk streaks), throw in some T-tops and mullets, be generous with your cracks on Tigers fans, and set it to a soundtrack of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock. Though I will say--those eastside bars know how to promote themselves and always get a strong crowd. Now give me the beat boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away...

Some Detroit Restaurant Week Updates
Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has agreed to participate in the Detroit Restaurant Week Press Conference April 13, 2010. “Detroit Restaurant Week highlights the many fine establishments we have in our city -- where a plate can be found for every palate,” said Mayor Bing. “As more people look to spend their money locally, I welcome them to Detroit, and invite them to discover the rich flavors and tastes we offer here, not only during Detroit Restaurant Week, but every day.” The press conference will be held at 10 a.m. and attened by media, representatives from the participating restaurants. Details about the location will be announced at a later date. Also, DRW, the participating resturants, and the event producer Paxahau Event Productions were recognized at the Downtown Detroit Partnership's annual luncheon on March 4, 2010. Also also, I get to preview five more restaurants and you're jealous.

There's probably more. In fact, there's most assuredly more. But that's what the quote-unquote neeeeeews is for, and I don't want to put anyone out of a job.

*chirp* *chirp*