Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Metromix: Spring Beer Guide 2010

"Spring is in the air; time to drink some beer!

'Well, ANYTIME is the right time to enjoy some of Michigan’s award-winning locally-brewed craft beers, but the changing of the seasons inevitably ushers in a shift in the beer drinker’s (and brewer’s) tastes. We bid a fond farewell to the malty dark ales and head-spinning strongs that kept us warm all through the winter and open our arms to cloudy, refreshing wheat beers; hop-heavy pale ales; and crisp, light lagers. The weather outside is quite nearly delightful; it’s time for some solid patio-drinking!

'Light, refreshing, clean, crisp, citrusy -- these are the characteristics of a Michigan spring beer, and these are the places where you can get them:"

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