Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Real Detroit Weekly: El Barzon

"In the tradition of great things being combined (like those Taco Bell/Pizza Hut combos that started showing up a few years back) comes El Barzon — half Mexican, half Italian, all authentic. Proprietor/Chef Norberto Garita is from Puebla, Mexico, and many of his dishes have traditional Pueblan influences. But he also served eight years in the esteemed kitchen at the now-shuttered Il Posto in Southfield so, you know ... there’s that, too.

'Pulling up to the humble establishment on Michigan and Junction, on the outskirts of Southwest Detroit, the sight of so many Audis and Jags seems a bit out of place. These are Garita’s devotees from his Il Posto days. In fact, most of his customers are from the suburbs. “They drive 45 minutes to come here; they come from Birmingham, Ann Arbor … not a lot come locally, though!” Garita laughs..."

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