Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Real Detroit Weekly: O'Tooles

"Ever heard of a ghost pepper? Neither had I, until I sat down with Corporate Chef Ed Gorski at O’Tooles in Waterford. Gorski, along with Ben Horner (co-owner of the Waterford location), recently created a new menu for all three O’Tooles locations, which also includes Royal Oak and Farmington Hills. The idea behind the menu was to present a homogenous menu, creating more of a corporate feel with multi-unit branding. Unlike most corporate chains, however, O’Tooles makes everything from scratch, creating menu items that stand apart from average bar fare.

'Take, for example, their pizzas: “You can throw a stone and hit 10 places that serve pizza that’s just dough, red sauce, cheese,” says Gorski, “and we could have done that too — and made it great — but we wanted to make a pizza for people looking for something a little different.” The crust is ultra-thin without being dry or "cracker-y" (a feat in itself), and there is no red sauce used — instead, it is a creamy herbed Boursin sauce, almost like an Alfredo...

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